Terms and Conditions of Marion Apartments Extended Stay of America, USA

By proceeding with the reservation you accept and agree with Marion Apartments Extended Stay of America, USA that the reservation (details of which are set out below) if accepted by us, shall be on the terms and conditions as follows:


• The rates quoted are based on your period of stay. Rates are subject to change as a result of changes in your arrival and/or departure dates.
• Rates quoted are in United States Dollars.
• The rate is for up to 3 people.
• Rates do not include any applicable prevailing government taxes at the time of occupancy. The Rates are subject to 14.75% Occupancy Sales Tax on stays less than 90 days.
• The maximum number of guests is 3 adults for the 2 bedroom apartment. The maximum number of guests 8 adults for the 3 bedroom apartment.
• In the event you complete a booking based on a rate that has been incorrectly posted, Marion Apartments Extended Stay of America, USA reserves the right to correct the rate or cancel the reservation at its discretion and will contact you directly in order to do so.
• A security deposit of one month’s rent is required to be handed in to landlord upon move-in date.

• You must be at least 18 years of age to check-in and register for a room.

• Check-in time must be discussed with the landlord.
• A valid government-issued identification or passport is required at check-in.

• A valid credit card is required for all reservations to secure your reservation.
• Upon reservation, the credit card will be charged for the amount indicated on the booking confirmation page and email.
• Marion Apartments Extended Stay of America, USA accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit cards. Debit Cards are not accepted. All payments that can be accepted through the Stripe payment gateway are accepted.
• Diners Club credit cards will no longer be accepted for Marion Apartments Extended Stay of America, USA, and other ancillary services as a mode of payment.
• Exchange rates are applicable at the time of reservation but are subject to currency fluctuations and billing will be at the prevailing exchange rate upon completion of your stay.

• Cancellation will result in a refund of 50% of monthly rent.
• Cancellation of and/or amendments to your reservation must be made 48 hours prior to your arrival date.
• In the event of a no-show, a fee of 50% of the monthly rent will be charged.

• Monthly rent for the 2 bedroom apartment is $2800 USD. Monthly rent for the 3 bedroom apartment is $5100 USD.
• You may unsubscribe to any such email at any time upon receipt of the said email.
• No gatherings and parties of any nature are allowed. Marion Apartments Extended Stay of America, USA reserves the right to evict any additional occupants in the room.
• Mandatory one-time cleaning fee is $275USD for 2 bedroom apartment and $400 USD for 3 bedroom apartment.
• Applicant(s) is/are required to send a photo(s) of himself/herself/themselves to [email protected] within 12 hours of application submission or Marion Apartments Extended Stay of America, USA has the right to deny reservation of said guests.
• Minimum duration of stay for either apartment is one month. The maximum duration of stay for either apartment is eight months with an extension option that required landlord approval.
• Guests of either apartment are required to pay utilities such as gas and electric bills during the duration of their stay.
• First month’s rent and final cleaning fee are both required to be paid up front.
• Optional Private parking pass is available for $350 USD per month.
• The website’s payment portal is not a guarantee of reservation acceptance.
• The landlord has the right to reject applications and will return a full refund if rejected.
• This reservation is not transferable. No name change is allowed.

• By proceeding with the reservation, you further agree and acknowledge that if the reservation is accepted by Marion Apartments Extended Stay of America, USA, your stay subsequently shall be subject to the Hotel’s standard terms and conditions of stay.
• Marion Apartments Extended Stay of America, USA may, at its absolute discretion, cancel the reservation if Marion Apartments Extended Stay of America, USA is of the opinion that the reservation information provided is falsified or incomplete.
• Marion Apartments Extended Stay of America, USA shall be entitled to vary, amend and/or otherwise change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
• You shall indemnify and hold Marion Apartments Extended Stay of America, USA harmless in respect of any liability, loss, damage, cost, and expense of any nature arising out of, and/or in connection with the acceptance of the reservation by Marion Apartments Extended Stay of America, USA.
• The Hotel shall not be liable for any losses, damages, costs or expenses incurred by you as a result of any cancellation of the reservation by Marion Apartments Extended Stay of America, USA.


Check in flexible time

Check out 9:00 a.m.

Picture ID for all guests upon arrival at Marion Extended Stay of America, USA

No children under age 12

No commercial business operations or sub leasing allowed

No guest(s) of the guest allowed to sleep over unless landlord give permission which there is extra cost charger to guest of booking reservation that’s in charger.

No smoking within apartments and properties

No Shoes and outside soles wearing inside furnished apartment at all allowed

Guest(s) agree and understand that security deposit will be held for 30 days after end of term(s) rental booking reservation duration.

Guest agree upon arrival security deposit is due at check in amount of monthly rent. (MANDATORY NO EXCEPTION TO RULE. POLICY)

Guest agree upon arrival @ check in, onetime payment final cleaning fee is due not refundable or returnable.

Guests fully agree to pay all Occupancy sales taxes for booking IF LESS THAN 90 days as you must pay upon arrival at check in. (MANDATORY NO EXCEPTION TO POLICY. RULE)

Guest(s) fully agree to pay any by, all, parts, prorates monthly Con Edison electric bills and gas bills during booking duration.

Guest(s) agree to pay for any paper view movies or adult channels during booking stay durations.

Guest(s) fully agree to keep furnished rental apartment clean, tidy at all time during booking duration IF not landlord will call house cleaning service for cleaning charger booking guest.

Guest(s) agree to remove all trash and garbage, recyclable items from rental apartment on a daily basis as routine disposed in proper places outside in trash bins as marked.

Guest(s) agree NO PARTIES or Celebration allowed

Guest(s) No Loud music, Respect quite time and peace.

No drugs or narcotic usage, activities allowed at no time.

No smoking if it’s found guest had smoke within rental apartment, you agree by understand your security deposit will not be return. (LOST)

Guest(s) agree any lost or damage, missing items within furnished apartments, Marion Property will be deducted from security deposit.

Guest(s) agree and fully understand NO arrangement of furniture allowed

No Pets, Dog or Cat, Animal, Wildlife allow at anytime

No Bike or Motorcycles, Moped allowed inside apartment

Guest, principal payment charger cardholder fully agree with all terms, rules and policy. During your booking duration stay you are fully responsible for all entire full payments and parts booking reservation that we approved by landlord. Guest agree if landlord forfeit rental reservation for any misdeed or violation. Your security deposit is non-returnable, and you fully agree to pay landlord balance due from within booking reservation made.


Please make sure security deposit are same as monthly rent.

It should also be notice that security deposit will be held for 30 days after all check out end of durations.

By making and accepting approved reservation by landlord, all guests fully agree with all rules and policies, regulations. Honor obey all terms during entire process and within booking duration. All guests on reservation must show proof of picture identification of said persons from payment mode made within transactions.