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My Story

As far back as I can remember, I always enjoyed dreaming, discovering and exploring. Being part of creative and different works, meeting new cultures, peoples and their perspectives always inspired me to enhance myself. That’s why I love traveling and meeting new people from all over the world. My traveling and meeting guests from all over the world have made me feel that I did meet the entire world already. Not so because I’m still waiting to meet you that has not booked with us here at Marion Extended Stay Of America, USA. Each day, we’re exploring more about the world and meeting new people one day at a time. I’m still amazed by our new guests, we enjoy hearing others people’s life stories. We here at Marion Extended Stay have been in hospitality & hosting business for 25 years as it once was a dream before discovering reality. We’re here today with an exciting furnished apartments business meeting great people. We’re a legal, licensed and insured registered furnished rental apartments business with many 5-star public review ratings. We enjoy hosting, we always make sure that our furnished rental apartments are spotless, clean, and safe and all apartments are 100 percent private. Marion Extended Stay is NOT a websites platform like Airbnb. We owned all of our furnished apartments, Airbnb is a high-cost fee middle man source. We don’t charge booking fees, service fees, Real Estate Brokers Fees, or Commission Fees. Airbnb does NOT make any personal inspections of their listing apartments. Airbnb doesn’t respect local government laws and tax policies. We here at Marion Extended Stay own our furnished apartments. Airbnb charges hosts and guests fees because they’re the only middleman in your pathway of booking housings needs. Airbnb customer service takes days before they return any booked guests telephone call and email. Airbnb does NOT have any control over any issues or guest complaints when issues arise during booking process duration. Marion Extended Stay is always available 24 hours seven days a week 365 days a year.  Our office is on the premises at your check-in. It’s our pleasure welcoming you to Marion Extended Stay. Please read our public review ratings – our ratings are very consistent towards our trust and respect of our guests and clients.

All of our furnished rentals apartments have over 60 prime features and amenities. NO other furnished legal rental apartments business offers any guests 1000 square footage of comfort like Marion Extended Stay.  Please don’t get drawn in by bargain discount offers from NON-legal listings like Airbnb. Marion Extended Stay is your direct booking source with an inventory of apartments. Stop paying website platforms for their middleman transaction. Save money, stress-free IF you should have any issue before, during, or after your booked reservation. Contact us directly. You will NEVER be disappointed nor embarrassed by our staff or business. We offer you a perfect guaranteed transaction and very respectful booking stay. Marion Extended Stay offers all guests and clients only the best quality services. We cannot compete with frills and bargains rentals of rooms share or apartments share like you’ll find on Airbnb website. We only rent entire furnished apartments. We respect all local state laws. All international communities are welcome to book, we love & enjoy transparency and diversity. I’m dreaming of meeting people of all cultures and background of life and sharing your story in our website blog. We all have dreams – what inspires you to travel? New York City is very exciting and a place everybody needs to experience. Come take a sweet bite out of the Big Apple. We can help make your vacation more fun with some great recommended ideas. I have lived in New York City all my life and I’m still exploring New York City. Brooklyn has so much to offer, leaving you with everlasting memories. Come visit or stay with us for your business trips or just a relaxing getaway. Our furnished rentals apartments can suit any type of trip. Give us a call or send us an email IF you want insight in the best time of year to travel to New York City. If you have a special request, please contact us at Marion Extended Stay. New York City housing can be very stressful while you’re shopping for accommodation. Let us help you by making your decision. Save money by removing the middleman out of your transaction booking. No more fees cost for platforms and New York City Real Estate Agents which puts a nice big dent into your budget leaving you to cut fun away from your activities while in NYC.  With 25 Years of housing services, we can explain all types of ways to save money while in New York City.

Our business is not the new kid on the block, we have 15 years of public reviews that allow any potential guests to help make a wise decision with where to stay. Marion Extended Stay is only 25-35 mins by public transportation metro to Midtown Manhattan and less than 20 minutes to lower Manhattan’s Wall Street. Our residential communities are safe and family friendly with lots of local stores, shopping malls, and attractions. Marion Extended Stay is very close to airports and four local public parks. Our apartments have the best WIFI & Internet TV Services in New York City with Verizon Fios. NO other property nor Hotel offers HD 1080I Smart TVs within bedrooms & living rooms. We ask you to compare our reviews and features to any other licensed housing business. We’re looking forward meeting you because you inspired us to work hard for you at Marion Extended Stay.


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Morehouse College State Of Georgia, Hospitality Mangement.

Electronics Reinforcements Systems & Appliances , Electrical Services. Short Terms & Long Terms Furnished Rental Apartments Guest Hosting. Urban Housing Development And Fire & Safety Prevention.

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